Kimberly Dawn Clayton
Kimberly has been a full time artist since
1993. Her art is displayed in homes,
galleries, and businesses all over the world.
She paints and makes sculptures out of
materials that others throw away turning
discarded items into valuable art. She has
painted on plywood, discarded lumber, old
doors, windows, drums, guitars, clothing,
automobiles, buildings, and the occasional
human. Besides painting and sculpturing, Kim
also performs while painting live for concerts,
festivals and charity events. Kimberly works
extensively with the House of Blues
organizing festivals, and producing art.  
Besides all of this, Kim believes that her art
can be a tool for helping others.  To this end,
she has worked with Give5, Extreme Home
Make Over, and has sold art to raise money
for individuals in need.  Kimberly has also
illustrated nine popular children's books.  
Despite the fact that many celebrities and one
ex-president owns pieces of her artwork,
Kimberly believes that Folk Art is the “people’
s art” and should be reachable to all people.  
For that reason, she produces beautiful
pieces that make personal connections and
are affordable. She feels that her art is
accessible and not pretentious.

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Folk Art Kim
The Art of Kimberly Dawn Clayton
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art to see a larger version.  
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My Art".
"I  tried to capture
Yoko's complicated
feelings in this

"This is a nude self
portrait of me
painting another
nude self portrait."

"I painted this mural
behind the bathtub
in a home in Florida."

"I painted this
surfboard for Dirty
Karma Clothing.  I
love their clothing
line.  So, it was my
pleasure to do this.."
Buddha Board
Mural in a Bathroom
in Florida
Nude Self Portrait
John and Yoko: Love